Dear parents and children, thank you for your interest in our school. If you ask yourself why you should choose the UG  School, we will answer that this school has all the resources for the successful academic and personal development of your children: International Certificate - Our school is the only one among Tbilisi schools, which together with the Cambridge Assessment and Examination Centre conducts British national exams on the spot and gives students the opportunity to take both British and Georgian certificates; International program and certificate at the most affordable price. UG School is the only international school in Tbilisi that allows you to obtain an international certificate together with a Georgian certificate; Enhanced teaching in physics and mathematics (robotics and programming); Our students participate in international tournaments; Educational tours abroad; Highly qualified team (both, Georgian and foreign teachers); The latest European standards building and infrastructure; Learning by doing - the latest teaching method introduced in successful international schools around the world; Everything in one space - the school has educational,  entertainment, therapeutic circles, Sunday school, sports school; Social projects - bringing up a decent citizen is a key goal for us. For this purpose many social projects are implemented at the school (in the field of charity or nature protection); Creative clubs; Involvement of academic staff of the University of Georgia;

UG is the only one in Georgia that offers a full range of education; UG Kids, UG School, The University of Georgia!

All of these are different aspects of the UG school concept, which overall defines the student's civic or professional success both during and after school, which is based entirely on civic awareness of the liberal and democratic values of the 21st century.

If you decide to enrol in our school, believe that you will get more than you expected. The school will discover more resources in your children than they ever imagined!

Manana Sanadze


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