In 2018, UG became a Cambridge registered school, which means that the school is authorized to implement a British curriculum at all levels of school education and conduct British national exams on site, at the school. This in turn allows students to participate in the competition not only in Cambridge, but also in any university in the world.

The school gives students the opportunity to take a double certificate. As a result of the integration of the British General Education Program with the Georgian National Curriculum, our students have the opportunity to sit British exams at school at the end of the grade 10 (exams are set by representatives of the Cambridge University Examination Centre). ). A British certificate issued by the Cambridge Centre opens the way to any university in the world without any additional exams. 

The school is launching a Cambridge program at the age of 5 (from the press) and  follows it  consistently until the grade 10. ( for A-Level - exams students prepare  in  grades 11 and 12)


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