UG School was born in 2008 out of a desire for progressive education. It was founded by the University of Georgia, which holds a leading position in the Georgian higher education space.

The goal of the school is to raise a generation that will have good knowledge and developed physical and mental skills, which will enable young people to continue their studies both at Georgian universities and at any higher education institution abroad.

For this specific purpose, the University of Georgia initially established the secondary level of the UG school, and since 2011 the primary sector has also been opened. 

For us, from the day we started, the main value has been the constant striving for development. The school slogan tells you the same: - "We follow the light  -   lucem sequimur"


UG School
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Address: Tbilisi, 0160, Kostava 77ა.
Tel:591 992 921;
E-mail: ugschool@ug.edu.ge ; admissionugschool@ug.edu.ge
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