Student self-government elections

The Student Self-Government stands as an elected body of students, symbolizing a fundamental structural component of the school. This assembly comprises students from both elementary and middle school levels, chosen by their peers within their respective grade levels. The election process embodies the principles of equality, conducted through a confidential ballot system, aiming to uphold the core tenet of equitable representation across classes.


The primary objective of the Student Self-Government is to foster heightened student engagement in matters of governance, thereby promoting their active involvement in shaping their educational environment.


The key aims and objectives of the Student Self-Government encompass the following:


Following the student self-government elections held in UG School in October 2023, Keti Kolbaya, a 12th-grade student, assumed the role of Chairman, with Andria Osefaishvili from the 9th grade and Giorgi Jaoshvili from the 10th grade serving as Vice-Chairmen.


We extend our best wishes for success to our dedicated students as they embark on their journey in this capacity. 


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