UG school students about gender equality

Gender means equality between men and women, equal opportunities, equal rights and responsibilities, and equal opportunities in life and work, so it is very important that the younger generation is informed about these concepts from the school desk. Gender is important as it teaches the child the rules of cooperation and respect for one sex towards the other. At UG school, we think that the elements of this should be placed in the elementary grades, and in the following age groups it should be more widespread.

"Traditions and the mentality  determines our attitude towards human rights. We need to consider what social and ethnic group we are dealing with. Gender equality in Georgia is more inclined towards women's rights, the role of women is not fully open in the society. There is a strong stereotype that a woman should sit at home, take care of the family and raise children. Of course, no one denies this, gender equality does not mean inadequate distribution of functions, but it does not mean that a woman can not establish herself in public life, even in political activities. "- UG school student.


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