“Give a book "-this universal challenge

“Give a book ‘- this universal challenge is a new initiative of the head of the National Library - Giorgi Kekelidze.

April 23 is the International Book Day, and in Georgia this holiday has been supplemented with a book gift day.

The UG School Literary Club is pleased to respond to this challenge and planned an event to promote the book and educate the  new generation.

Students enthusiastically collected books, visited schools and kindergartens.

This day turned into a holiday - there was a warm smile, gratitude, new acquaintance, sharing of thoughts.

Members of the Literary Club read fairy tales to the little ones In UG kids themselves. The children believed that the book involves knowledge and feeling, contemplation and observation.

We hope that today's pleasant feelings will long accompany the participants of this action and open wide the door to the magical world of literacy.


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