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 "UG" school is distinguished by the latest teaching methods introduced in modern educational systems, which means action teaching. In particular, students practice biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, imitation and the development of imagination - the humanities. All activities are subject to the educational purpose of the school. Each outreach event is even related to the enhancement of knowledge and skills in a particular subject or subjects.

The school has active biology, chemistry, physics and IT laboratories. For example, the material studied in physics and mathematics is reinforced (from the first grade) in a robotics lesson; Students are able to tell facts and events told in history and geography lessons by exploring various sights and observing nature; In the summer, high school students participate in archeological excavations of the University of Georgia in Samshvilde, cognitive field trips are held in famous laboratories and museums abroad.

" Georgian, Greek, Egyptian mythology is taught in our school from the first grade, on the basis of which children create the historical and fairy-tale world themselves through sculptures sculpted in a clay workshop, works made in a wooden workshop. they offer to classmates puppet show performances and so on.

We have started the 2018-2019 school year with important news - UG School has become a registered school in Cambridge, which means that the school is authorized to introduce a British curriculum at all levels of school education and to conduct British National Examinations at the school itself. This in turn allows students to compete not only in Cambridge but also in any university in the world. "Since we do not refuse the Georgian program in parallel with the British program, students have the opportunity to receive a Georgian school graduation certificate as well as a British school graduation certificate after 12 years," the school administration said.

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