This Book Week at UG School

For a week, UG School lived in the fairytale world of Astrid Lindgren. This Book Week was dedicated to a beloved Swedish writer. The aim of the week was to raise awareness of Lindgren's work and to increase the motivation of children to read books in general.

All elementary school classes will be actively involved in Literacy Week. Students read Lindgren stories, created illustrations for various characters or episodes, made bookmarks that were handed over to the school library, wrote letters to a favorite writer, created their own versions of fairy tale endings, made posters and exhibited, and made interesting documentaries. Each class revealed its favorite book .

On the last day of the week, a costumed carnival was organized, in which took part students and teachers dressed in the clothes of a favorite hero .

The school was visited by everyone’s favorite Pepi Longstocking and Karlsson on the Roof

, whose visit was a surprise to the children. There were a lots  of Pepi, the robber's daughter Ronias, Carlsons with his propellers, and  other characters from the Astrid Lindgren’s Creativity.

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