UG School pays great attention to individual approaches to students. That is why the remediation program has been introduced for several years.

Remediation is an education focused on eliminating learning disabilities. Remediation refers to students who have significant deficiencies in knowledge and skills based on developmental assessment data. Remediation is an opportunity to offer additional support and assistance to students who have not been able to master the basic concepts and develop skills to a satisfactory level in the standard classroom teaching environment, regardless of whether they are cared for by teachers or parents. Typical reasons for such lag are: long absences, poor family conditions, a psychosocial environment unsuitable for a particular student in the classroom, or more.

Remediation involves issues that are key to mastering the next learning material, are essential for formative assessment, and are difficult for the student to master.

During correctional teaching, the teaching material is delivered through methods different from traditional classroom teaching; The focus is on metacognition; Includes elements of individual student training on the part of the school teacher. In case of re-teaching, the teaching material is provided through similar methods of traditional classroom teaching; Standard exercises, quizzes and tests are used.

The three methods of teaching that are compatible with corrective work are: direct teaching, teaching by doing, and two-way teaching (when the student is placed in the role of teacher).



UG School offers students a tutorium service in Georgian, Mathematics and English. Tutorium timetables are designed for students who, for some reason, need individual work.

A tutor is not a the student's class teacher. The tutor receives information about the student's academic performance from the teacher, together they plan what issues to work on with the student.







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