The school has a rich and multi-functional library with resources where students can get acquainted with the literature of different countries of the world. The library also has a school textbook section that can be used by students and teachers at UG School. Educational trainings, poetry evenings and other literary events are also held here.

In our library, students have the opportunity to read both modern and classic children's books.The library has a multifaceted function in the learning process. Its space and diverse resources are used for both program and extracurricular activities (Readers' Theatre, Book Advertising Posters Competition, etc.).

"20 minutes of reading" is the usual everyday routine at UG school. At a set time, a special call notifies the school students that it is time to read. All teachers and students gather at the library and begin reading. After 20 minutes, everyone returns to their classroom.

The library has a comfortable environment for each student: the reading area is bright,  you can see the children's favorite book characters painted on the walls; The floor is covered with a soft carpet so that students can relax while reading.

The library is a favorite place for all students at UG School. This is reflected in the fact that children take responsibility for it. They have their own duty list, readers' cards, and, with the help of the teacher, they organize the library processes by themselves.

The UG School Library often hosts contemporary children book writers, poets, illustrators, and other interesting professionals.

We believe that the UG School Library contributes significantly to the development of our students as active readers. The diverse and interesting resources of the library, its versatile use helps to raise the level of literacy in children, the process of formation of critical and creative thinking in them.

A literacy program is being implemented at the UG School Library. At school, students actively read the literature, fill in the readers' cards, write the analysis of what they have read, make advertising posters for the books they have read, and so on. The UG School Library also houses books  and annual almanacs made by students.




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