UG School Pediatrician monitors the daily menu, the quality of food, and provides timely medical care for students. The school doctor compiles the student's individual medical form, which presents the child's health history. It contains important information such as: student's blood type, use of insurance package, whether he is immunized at the age (in case of absence the parent is informed about the possible risks of developing infectious diseases), there is a list of transmitted diseases, information on chronic pathology, list of products and medicines to which the child has allergies. 

The pediatrician monitors the physical and athletic load in order to plan and implement health-promoting activities in a timely manner and to prevent chronic diseases. (information is confidential). The doctor informs the parents about the observance of the sanitary norms in the school and the personal hygiene of the student, as well as the proper nutrition and physical activity and controls their performance, which contributes to the formation of a healthy lifestyle. 

Maya Menabde

UG School Pediatrician, Doctor of Medicine.




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