Mathematics and Science

 In the modern era, mathematics is an integral part of life. It is used in all areas of human activity: Science and Technology, Medicine, Economics, environmental protection and rehabilitation, social decision-making. Also noteworthy is the special role of Mathematics in the development of mankind and the formation of modern civilization. The development of Digital Technologies, a better understanding of the structure of space-time, the discovery and description of many laws and patterns in nature clearly demonstrate the scientific and cultural value of Mathematics. Most importantly, Mathematics contributes to the development of human mental abilities. It enables effective, concise and unambiguous communication. Mathematics is used to visualize complex situations, explain events, and predict their consequences. Abstract systems and theoretical models created in Mathematics are used to study regularities, analyze situations, and solve problems.


Specifics of Teaching Mathematics:

1) Independent work with the book (individual schedule),

2) Review of each of the summarizing tests (involving each student);

3) Search for terminology, Mathematical concepts using Internet sources;

4) Experience working with MS_Excel, google sketch up and other programs to solve algebraic and geometric problems.

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