Georgian Language and Literature

A person's communication and professional skills are formed on the basis of the native language. It forms the basic basis on which the process of human free formation is established. Our goal is to develop basic speech skills (writing, reading, listening, speaking); Ability to express one's own opinion in a logical sequence and create a written text for different purposes. It is also important to encourage adolescents to develop independent, creative and reflexive thinking. The process of teaching at the elementary and secondary level also envisions the integration of Literature with the Social Sciences and the Arts; The student should understand both national and universal values and the intercultural significance of Georgian literature. With all this in mind, in the teaching process we focus on replenishing and enriching the vocabulary; Familiarizing and analyzing of fiction; Developing the skills of expressing ideas clearly and in an orderly manner and analytical-synthetic thinking (discussion, debate, class discussions). It is important to use and master various learning resources. The teaching process involves developing the ability to study and comprehend diverse texts functionally and substantively. It is important to develop skills of creating different types of texts (argumentative essay, comprehension of a fictional text, free topic, publicist letter). In order to develop writing skills, the Georgian language lesson also offers the theoretical study of spelling and punctuation norms and the development of skills for their proper use.

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