Program Introduction

About the academic program:

The school curriculum is based entirely on the national curriculum approved by the state and the standards of the British education system. In addition to the basic curriculum, the school is intensively developing additional learning resources or projects. The school curriculum aims to enhance the student's skills which at primary level is achieved with the help of logical exercises, games, and cognitive-entertaining programs. The school pays great attention to mathematics and the development of logical thinking. Students are constantly working on logical skills, which, along with the acquisition of technical knowledge, help them to better understand the new material. The school also pays great attention to the literacy program, which is conducted in parallel with Georgian lessons. As part of this program, the student becomes accustomed to free and critical thinking, gets interest in reading literature, and integrates easily with the academic space. The school also focuses on learning a foreign language, which will ensure students' future academic progress. Students rapidly acquire English language with the help of not only the textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education, but also with providing daily supplementary material and reading of literature in English. The educational process at UG School is based on integrated lessons, where teachers of different subjects come together for single purpose and work together to form the best development course for school students.


Interactive teaching:

Interactive teaching is a two-way process in which students are actively involved in the formation of the educational process. This form of teaching involves the use of activities through which all students are involved in the learning process. Students play a key role in the ongoing processes in the classroom: answer questions, collaborate during group work, engage in discussion, express opinions, etc. Thus, interactive learning is focused not only on acquiring knowledge but also on developing skills. The best results in interactive teaching are achieved through the equal use of different teaching-learning and assessment methods. The student is a co-author of the processes, a kind of creator. His initiatives, discoveries, seeing the problem in a different light can fundamentally change the course of the learning process. This will help to develop creative and communication skills. This form of teaching-learning envisages an active relationship between teachers and students and changing their roles, which means replacing the authoritarian, teacher-centered learning process with student-centered ones.


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