Theater is an integral part of UG students' lives!

Role-playing games are an attribute of a child's natural development. To become protagonists of the books themselves,bringing the fictional characters to life,transfer the imagination to the stage, which could be the planet of a little prince, and the child himself - a rose, a fox, a prince ... - What could be more interesting than that ?!

During the year the class will present one performance to the audience of the UG Theater. Students are taught during the theatrical art lessons:

  • Choreography
  • Music
  •  Acting
  • Speech Techniques
  • Various literary works.

The magical world that reigns behind the scenes and on the stage of the UG Theater will make our little ones forever love this ancient field of art.

Through annual subscriptions, UG students regularly attend (according to age group) all the interesting performances of the city, visit various theaters, spend some time behind the scenes, thus learning about important aspects of theatrical life and theater history in general.

Students often organize charity outings in orphanages or nursing homes, participate in theatrical competitions and in a variety of non-classroom theatrical activities.

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