English Language and Literature

Our new English as a Second Language curriculum empowers even the youngest learners to communicate confidently and effectively. It helps them to develop the skills needed to respond to a range of information, media and texts. The programme promotes active learning, develops thinking skills and encourages intellectual engagement.

This subject is for learners who speak a language other than English at home - there is no expectation that they will have prior experience of English before starting this course. We have based the curriculum on the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), used across the world to map learners’ progress in English.

What will students learn?

This curriculum develops learners’ curiosity about other languages and cultures. They will see themselves as successful language learners, be able to communicate effectively and become confident in and enjoy reading a range of texts as their skills develop.

How is the programme taught?

This framework supports an integrated approach to planning and teaching to develop effective communication skills in English. The five strands, and their respective learning objectives, work together to support the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in:

·         Reading

·         Writing

·         Use of English

·         Listening

·         Speaking.


Literature (reading)

Bug Club (Pearson) is our core reading program to help the students develop confident and motivated readers. It combines over 500 finely levelled books with interactive eBooks and an online reading world. Books are allocated to individual pupils for home reading. 


  • An enormous range of fiction, non‑fiction and poetry, offering variety to keep children engaged and develop a love of reading. 
  • Features well‑known characters from film and television.
  • Finely levelled to give your children manageable steps in reading progression and a real sense of ongoing achievement as they move through the levels. 


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