Robotics and Programming

 What is STEAM ?

Our school children are very interested in what happens inside a mechanically cranked car, how do its headlights shine and why it emits musical sounds? Playing with toys is a lot of fun, but sometimes disassembling or assembling them is even more fun!

The Robotics Program in the elementary grades is based on the STEAM concept. This is a short abbreviation of five areas of development:

S cience 

T echnology 

E ngineering 


M athematics 

In a Robotics lesson, a child develops harmoniously in all five directions. Students plan the construction, draw the design, master its assembly technology with simple mathematical and engineering calculations, and solve various practical or logical problems.


Why programming?

Joint Programming and robotics study allows the student to program the robot, transformer, or other mechanism he or she assembles. The study of Technical Programming as one of the types of programming in school starts from the 7th grade, although laying the foundation from the first grade is important. UG school kids work in in grades 1-4 and minecraft in grades 5-6.

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