Georgian Language and Literacy


Based on the ongoing education reform in recent years, the perception of school education has changed significantly, child-centered teaching has become relevant, which means the maximum adjustment of learning goals, methods, strategies and resources to the capabilities and interests of the child.

Therefore, one of the main priorities of the school is to raise the level of literacy. The school plans and actively conducts various weeks throughout the year to promote literacy. The main goal of these weeks is to raise the level of literacy among students, to establish love of children's literature and book reading, to get better acquainted with communication skills, academic skills, life skills, as well as the lives and works of children's writers.

UG School's Department of Elementary Classes, at the beginning of the school year actively begins preparations for various weeks. During this time, teachers and students are both involved in all subjects and areas of the week and subjects are being integrated. Throughout these weeks, the entire school community is involved in a variety of activities;

·          Make handmade dolls

·          Create a shadow theater

·         Create miniature books with their own hands

·         With illustrations, students bring to life characters and stories from their favorite books

·         Conduct literary quizzes (trivia)

·          Are being awarded certificates and children's books


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