Vocals and Rhythm


Every morning from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., UG School greets the students with music and says goodbye to them with music as well. According to the previously announced themes of the week, Swing, Jazz, Blues, Rock or Gospel can be heard throughout the building ... Music is therapy, taste, ascension and freedom of will for our school children. Communion with music develops students' creative skills, helps them discover themselves, express themselves and develop.


Since the first grade we work on:

1. Developing a sense of musical hearing and rhythm;

2. Learning songs;

3. Getting acquainted with musical genres, epochs. Listening to the best pieces of music;

4. Mastering various musical instruments;

Our department believes that in school, the students should learn the language of musical instruments so that at the amateur level they're capable to decipher and play the notes of any work. In Elementary School we start learning to play the piano and continue with ukulele, guitar, drums. Outside the classroom, students are given the opportunity to join the school team and band, to participate in extracurricular musical school  activities.

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