Civic Education


Building shelters for homeless animals, cleaning promotions and charities are a part of our students' daily lives.  

UG students should grow up to be liberal, democratic, hardworking, conscientious, responsible and patriotic people.

Students should care about the community in which they live.

They should believe in labour-based success, believe in the power of goodness, be independent, free, take responsibility for their own actions, and finally — love people, family, country, and the world with their big hearts!

Teaching in UG-school is based on the principles of accepting each other's differences, mutual understanding, cooperation, joint decision-making.

The atmosphere in the school and in the classroom is very important for the lessons dedicated to civic education, because the basic principle of democracy is that every person is worthy of respect and it is necessary to take his opinion into account. That is why the principles behind teaching civic education in UG-school is to create an environment, where any student can freely and safely express their opinion and at the same time is ready to listen to the opinions of others and take those into account.

We are proud of our students and believe they will grow up to be good people!

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